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When Shelagh Legrave took up the role of FE Commissioner in September 2021 she was determined to work with the sector to provide support where it is needed most, and not just provide oversight and intervention.

Play to hear from Shelagh

Since 2021 the FE Commissioner’s team has been engaging with leaders across the FE sector who have responded by identifying leadership and governance skills as priority areas for guidance and resource.

In this first phase, the FE Commissioner and her team gathered together a diverse group of Principals, Chairs and Governance Professionals with a broad range of experience and asked them to share their thoughts on the early days and months of stepping into the role. This became the ‘Just One Thing’ project.

In the video below we hear how Frances Wadsworth, Deputing FE Commissioner, set-up the project with the help of Sam Parrett and Rob Lawson, supported by Mark Malcomson.

Play to hear from frances, rob & sam

To find out more about Active Support and Just One Thing download our information sheet.